Geotechnical Services: Unleashing Precision in Instrumentation

In the fast-evolving world of engineering and construction, Geo Installations Pty Ltd provides premium geotechnical services designed to uphold the highest standards of precision and reliability. Our expertise spans across an array of areas, including Vibrating Wire and Fibre Optical Geotechnical Instrumentation, cutting-edge Data Loggers, Remote Communications, and proficient In-Situ testing. Trust us to deliver comprehensive, tailor-made solutions that drive project success and operational efficiency.

We offer the following Geotechnical Services

Specialists in Vibrating Wire Geotechnical Instrumentation

At Geotechnical Instrumentations, we offer a comprehensive supply, installation, commissioning, and monitoring of vibrating wire instruments. Our services are tailor-made for diverse fields like Tailing Dams, Open Pit Mines, Underground Mining, Bridges, and Buildings.

Fibre Optical Geotechnical Instrumentation

Stay ahead of the curve with our Fibre Optical Geotechnical Instrumentation. We supply, install, and commission the most advanced fibre optic instruments designed to measure deformation, settlement, strain, pore pressure, and tilt for any project you undertake.

Advanced Data Loggers and Remote Communications

We harness the power of cutting-edge Campbell Scientific 3G and RF data loggers, and the state of the art Australian Osprey Measuring Systems satellite technology to facilitate seamless data transfer from your site to your office. We further provide installation services for World Sensing Nodes and Gateway for remote communication.

In-Situ Testing Expertise

Dynamic Cone Penetration (DCP) Test

We conduct Dynamic Cone Penetration (DCP) testing to assess in-situ soil strength and locate subsurface soil layers. The DCP test offers valuable insights into soil conditions by manually dropping a single or dual mass weight from a fixed height onto the push cone unit.

Plate Bearing Test

The Plate Bearing Test, or Plate Loading Test, enables us to determine the ultimate bearing capacity of the ground and anticipated settlement under specific loads. This in-situ load-bearing test of soil is a crucial part of our geotechnical services.

Lugeon Test

Through the Lugeon test, we measure water injection volume into a borehole segment under steady pressure. The Lugeon value represents the water loss in litres per minute and per metre of borehole at an over-pressure of 1 MPa.

Instrumentation Rental

Experience state-of-the-art geotechnical services with our rental options

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Vibrating Wire and Fibre
Optical Geotechnical
Instrumentation Applications

Explore the wide range of applications for our vibrating wire and fibre optic geotechnical instrumentation