Geotechnical Engineers: Driving Success in Construction with Superior Instrumentation

Geo Installations Pty Ltd, a leading provider of comprehensive geotechnical instrumentation, monitoring, and investigation services, was established in 2017. Geotechnical engineers depend on us to secure the success of various construction projects. Our core offering comprises an extensive range of instruments utilised in the monitoring of geotechnical structures, sites, and the environment.

Catering to geotechnical engineers in diverse sectors

Including Geotechnical, Civil, Structural, Maritime, and Environmental Engineering.

Our expertly delivered services are integral to tunnels, high-rise buildings, deep excavations, boreholes, airports, seaports, railways, dams, and bridges. We are committed to ensuring both the short-term and long-term safety of structures at every stage – pre-construction, construction, post-construction, and the dilapidation phase.

Our team boasts more than 29 years of experience in the field, guaranteeing an expert supply and installation of geotechnical instrumentation, regardless of the scale or nature of your project. We also provide a wide array of services, from supplying and installing vibrating wire and fibre optic geotechnical instrumentation to commissioning installed instrumentation and offering necessary monitoring and consultation for any project.

Geo Installations is the Distributor in Southern Africa for Smartec

Smartec SA, established in 1996 and recognised for their innovative SOFO monitoring system, is now a premier supplier of fibre-optic technology used globally in structural, geotechnical, energy, and oil & gas industries. Their commitment to quality and the expertise of their engineers have led to more than 1200 successful monitoring projects across 30 countries. Notable projects include the Burj Khalifa tower, Duxton Complex in Singapore, the New I35W bridge in Minneapolis, MN, Manhattan Bridge in New York, NY, the AlpTransit tunnel in Switzerland, the CERN-LHC particle accelerator, and the ITER fusion reactor.

Trusted leader in measurement systems for over 40 years

As a trusted partner, Campbell Scientific Africa provides the world’s leading measurement equipment. They offer rugged, reliable data loggers, data acquisition systems, measurement and control products for a variety of applications related to weather, water, energy, gas flux and turbulence, infrastructure, and soil. Campbell Scientific Africa excels in supplying rugged, low-power systems for long-term, stand-alone monitoring and control.

Trusted leader in measurement systems for over 40 years

Osprey Measurement Systems was founded in partnership with University College London’s Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering Department, with the goal of applying innovative measurement techniques to monitoring challenges within the civil and geotechnical engineering space. Their products are designed, developed, and manufactured in the UK under a certified ISO-compliant quality management system. With a wealth of experience managing geotechnical and structural monitoring programs, Osprey’s management place a key emphasis on application and operational requirements in the design of their products.

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